Operating rules

Operating rules

  • The campsite is situated on the peninsula of the sand lake Mělice. It is open from 1.5. till 30.9.
  • These operating rules are binding for every visitors who by signing at check-in at the reception confirms the agreement with its content.
  • The camp is designed as quiet, aimed especially on the families with children and active clientele. Any disturbance of the quiet stay of other guests is undesirable. These include in particular:

    • loud music production from the cars or other sources
    • inappropriate behavior towards other guests
    • polluting the environment
    • not respecting the privacy of others

    The disturbing person will first be notified and he will have option to leave the camp with full compensation for the unused stay. In case of repeated breaking the operating rules will be the concerned person expelled out from the camp without claiming of any financial compensation, in extreme cases by calling the police.

  • The campsite is covered by WIFI in areas around the fast food restaurant and on the southern part of campsite. For capacity  reason, the internet is only allowed to be used for informations surfing. Downloading large data (eg movies) or watching videos online is forbidden, as the internet will not work by big data loading at all. Please have a respect of other users.
  • In the camp you can try water activities as: water skiing, wakeboarding, tubes rides and banana riding. More informations are available at the reception, where you can also rent sports equipment (bicycles, balls, games …). The fast food restaurant is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • The camp is divided into camp boxes and free campíng places. The camp boxes are located on the south part of campsite and along the water and path on the north part of campsite. The camp boxes are divided into large and small. For more privacy, it is possible to pay a large camp box for your tent, which is primarily designed for caravans. It is not allowed to build tents on a small beach on the right side of the north end of the peninsula.
  • The stays are paid at check-in at the reception. It is always charged per night of stay. It is necessary to leave the campsite till 3:00 pm on the day of the departure. If you wish to extend your stay, you must do so at the reception till 3:00 pm on the day of departure. The camping fee for unused stay is not returned. Please pay only the days you will sure spend here. The numbers assigned at check-in must be put behind the windshield of the car and in a visible place in the caravan, camper or tent for whole duration of your stay. During the stay it is necessary to show the assigned number at the reception every time when you pass through the barrier.
  • Every connection to the electricity must be register at the reception even if you use a 2-way splitter for 2 tents at one connection. In this case, everyone pays electricity separately. There are regular checks in the campsite.
  • In the whole campsite is water from well, approved for showering. There are three sanitary facilities (bathrooms) available. As the capacity of hot water is limited, the showers are equipped with shower panels for tokens that are available for purchase at the reception. The net shower time is approximately 4 minutes and can be arbitrarily interrupted. Guests are kindly requested to return any unused tokens at the reception and the cost of unused tokens will be refunded. Sanitary facility near the fast food restaurant is equipped with a kitchen with coin cooker, sink with hot and drinking water from the urban water supply Přelouč. Next drinking water supplies are from the taps on the side wall of this building and beside the sanitary facility at the reception, where is also placed another cooker. The sanitary facilities are cleaned up to 3 times a day and according to the current condition. Guests are kindly requested to use the other available facilities at the time of cleaning.
  • Dogs and another pets are not allowed to move freely in the whole campsite area and Marin club. Dogs and pets must be tethered on a leash. Swimming of dogs and other pets is allowed only far from the other swimmers. The owners are obliged to clean up all excrements of their pets immediately.
  • Fishing is not allowed on the whole campsite area. On the eastern side of the peninsula is a motor boat corridor for water skiing and another water activities, so it is possible to swim only up to 5 meters from the bank. Fully-fledged swimming is on the main beach at the north end of the peninsula at the red slide or on the south beach.
  • In whole campsite area it is forbidden to set fires except for the official fire places under the penalty of 1000 CZK. The official fire places are near the pergola, on the south beach and at the end of the peninsula on the northwest side. In case of long-lasting drought can be declare an absolute ban of setting the fires.
  • There is the large outdoor barbecue with a seating area.
  • The playgrounds, trampolines, slides, rope polygon and table for ping pong are free of charge and can be used at your own risk and children can use all these attractions only under the supervision of parents or a person older 18 years.
  • In whole campsite area the maximum permitted speed for motor vehicles is 5 km/hour.
  • Accommodation is only possible for persons registered at the reception. Visits during the day are possible after the registration at the reception and payment the entry fees of all the guests.
  • The night quiet hours in the whole campsite area is from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am. In case of camp events, beginning of the quiet hours moved from midnight. Peaceful sleep is in everyone’s interest, so in the past we were forced to end the stay in some cases. We wish a lot, we would be not forced to do so again.
  • After the end of the stay, it is necessary to restore the camping place to its original state.

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