Rides on tube and banana…

Rides on tube and on banana...

For those who fancy just “sitting down and enjoying a ride” there are many attractions available that we pull behind a motor boat straight from the camp!
You can choose from a ride on a banana sled designed for up to 5 persons (but max. 300 kg) or on a mini banana sled designed for up to 2 children (but. max. 80 kg).

Dragging  of tubes either separately or two tubes at the same time is another alternative.

Are you keen on a fast adrenaline ride? Then a single tube ride is just tailored to your needs. You will experience a thorough massage on wakes and it is up to your strenght how long you will manage to stay without getting completely wet. There is a weight limit of 90 kg for the single tube ride.

Or do you prefer to bounce against each other with your friend or girlfriend? Then you must definitely try a tandem tube ride. This ride can hold 2 x 90 kg at most.

Do you want to try it? Just jump out of your tent and experience something extraordinary and exceptional.

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